Condor de Vilamoura & Catamaran VitalDAILY CRUISES

Come sail with us along the extraordinary Algarve coast and experience the pleasures of sailing aboard the Condor de Vilamoura, a truly magnificent 34 meter ship with 2 masts.

Experience the pleasures of sailing on our extremely stable and comfortable sail Catamaran Vital. We can show you the beautiful Algarve coast with its long beaches, cliffs, rock formations, caves and old fishing villages.

American fishing schooner replica.

She was built in Portugal in 1987 specificaly for tourism. The Condor de vilamoura is luxuriously equipped with a large air conditioning saloon and bar, a modern navigational and safety equipment.

There is plenty of space for sitting on deck or in the bar. the Condor de Vilamoura is ideal for parties and private charters.

What can you do on the journey.LEISURE ACTIVITIES